"consuming more resources than you bring in"


Carol Sanford at MIT: "It’s a hell of a way to run a business -- consuming more resources than you bring in, selling off your assets, and cooking the books to make things look good. Yet that is precisely how humans are operating the vast enterprise of living on earth. The U.S. runs a particularly unsuccessful 'Business of Inhabitation', taking up four times more resources than any other nation [...] meeting regulatory requirements and adopting a sustainable approach 'fall short of what we need to do for the planet'. Our problem-solving minds break things down and seek ways merely 'to arrest disorder' or protect what appears valuable [...] We need an evolutionary leap into the 'wholeness mindset,' which involves asking how we regenerate and bring in more of what we need without degrading what is already there." She begins speaking at 5 minutes 22 seconds into the video. ::Video: Carol Sanford at MIT. See also: ::William A. McDonough Conference from 2000, ::Video: Amory Lovins on Winning the Oil Endgame, ::Video: Max Carcas of Ocean Power Delivery, ::Google TechTalks: Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Biofuels

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