Buying "another" guilt offset will not make you "happy" with yourself...

Happiness Comes Cheap -- Even For Millionaires
In a study commissioned by the National Lottery, Dr Richard Tunney of the University's School of Psychology found that it's the simple things in life that impact most positively on our sense of well being.
"It appears that spending time relaxing is the secret to a happy life. Cost-free pleasures are the ones that make the difference — even when you can afford anything that you want."
Dr Tunney said: "Modern-day pressures take their toll on everyday happiness. As a result we try to make ourselves feel better and happier through personal rewards and treats. We've all heard the saying 'a little bit of what you fancy does you good', and treating yourself is the ideal way to keep spirits lifted when you're down in the dumps.
The research found that happy people — whether lottery jackpot winners or not — liked long baths, going swimming, playing games and enjoying their hobby.
Those who described themselves as less happy didn't choose the cost-free indulgences.

"... there are small lessons we can learn from society's happiest people to help improve our quality of life," Dr Tunney added.

HAASE: My suggestion for the holidays, enjoy time and cost-free indulgences life offers all.
Cheap electronics, hybrids and meals out are not going to make you happy... "buying + consuming less = more happiness"
And if you are lucky enough to have quality time, love and health in your life... rejouce!