Stats on the MAlWar

The May edition of the MessageLabs Intelligence monthly provided this information regarding the ongoing fight against viruses, spam and other unwelcome content.

    Report Highlights:
        * Spam - 90.4% in May (an increase of 5.1% since April)
        * Viruses - One in 317.8 emails in May contained malware (a decrease of 0.01% since April)
        * Phishing - One in 404.7 emails comprised a phishing attack (an increase of 0.11% since April)
        * Malicious websites - 1,149 new sites blocked per day (a decrease of 67.7% since April)
        * Spammers continue to abuse reputable domains and web-based malware more likely to be found on older domains
        * Geographic location determines at what time of day you receive spam
        * “Russian” spam squarely rooted in Cutwail botnet

Read full paper from source: Symantec