'crack cocaine of the gaming world'

"My name is Ian, and I am a recovering MMO addict."
The entire experience feels not too different from wasting away in front of a big screen TV for 16 hours a day with your shirt stained orange with cheetos as your body curses you for treating it so poorly.

It's no big secret that MMORPGs are intensely addictive. MMORPGs have been called the 'crack cocaine of the gaming world' by report in Sweden backed by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health after a 15-year old boy collapsed and went into convulsions after playing World of Warcraft, an MMORPG, for a 24-hour stretch of time.

With regards to MMORPGs, the organization added, "There is no known medical diagnosis of conditions brought on by excessive game-playing, but it is clear they have a very powerful addictive hold over many people who use them."

It was a terrible realization that besides the addictive gameplay mechanics, the one other thing that was keeping me from leaving was my guild, or the fellows with whom I enjoyed playing. It was simple: I had managed to become hooked by the game's subtle and sinister social mechanics.

Being not a slave to anything or anyone but myself, I took a step back and decided there and then to stop playing. It was an easy decision to make, but it was one which took me way longer than it should have to discover.

All in all, you'd be better off doing something else than playing an MMORPG.

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From The Human Cost of MMORPGs