Console owners are “most depressed and socially awkward”

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The Harm Of Gaming: We Present The Facts
The perennial questions of the harm that games may be causing us and our children are extremely troubling. Every week seems to bring a new survey or study that demonstrates links between gaming and problematic behavior, with renowned psychologists, sociologists and publicists explaining to us what it is we need to be scared of. Over the last fifteen years I have been studying this data and reading these papers, and I am now ready to publish my findings. Below is the result of a decade-and-a-half's research, and I think will once and for all answer the questions every parent, teacher, child and teenager should be asking.


Grand Theft Auto Causes Marriages To Break DownChinatown wars actually caused more marriages, strangely.

While no one is left in any doubt that playing Grand Theft Auto causes anyone under the age of 17 to become dangerously exposed to murder, the longer-term effects on adults have been less examined. As part of my research I thought to compare the sales of each GTA game with what the orce rate must have been when each came out. As you can see each new GTA game has been directly correlated with an increase in orces. While the graph may give the impression that GTA IV has caused fewer orces than Vice City or San Andreas, this game only came out in 2008, so most of the orces it has induced will still be going through the courts and awaiting completion. Expect to see this number soar in the next twelve months.


Owning Consoles More Serious Than Gun Crime

A lot of videogames include the use of guns. While these may not be real guns, but rather recreations made of pixels and polygons, it is obvious to anyone playing one of these "simulations" that it is in no meaningful way different from firing a real gun in a school. But it's far scarier than you might have first thought. Nearly twice as many Americans own gun-displaying consoles than those who own the types of guns that require a license and paperwork to purchase. No such paperwork is necessary when buying an Xbox, and yet still teenagers will kill each other in the streets.

Not including guns that are thrown at people.

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