Social Media Facts Every Communications Person Needs to Know - OhMyGov News

 ohmygov...composed this list of impactful factoids about social media.


Our Top 10:

1. The average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes.

2. The average Twitter user logs on for 23 minutes.

3. More than 400 million people log on to Facebook daily.

4. There are > 1 billion social network users worldwide.

5. 38 percent of Internet users have a smart phone. They are more intensive users of social media than those without a smart phone.

6. Out of 7 billion people in the world, 2 billion have internet access.

7. Of emerging markets, India and Brazil show the highest awareness of social media.

8. 510,000 comments are uploaded to Facebook every minute.

9. 93 percent of social network users have no intention of stopping their use of social media.

10. Over 60 percent of social network users state they have no desire to change or add a new social network.


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