Hacking A reputation in MySpace and Facebook

Schneier on Security "Fake Your Space" is a site where you can hire fake friends to leave their pictures and personalized comments on your page. Now you can pretend that you're more popular than you actually are... What's next? Services that verify friends on your friends' MySpace pages? Services that block friend verification services? Where will this all end up?
Comments I left are said at best...

After 20 years of being part of the "collective" (since Commodork64 BBS years)
I must "assimilate" my life and take back the creative, unique, professional & social skills that the "collective" internet has eroded in me... because "the Internet is way better at letting us be weird than it was at helping us be normal."
I have great fear for my family, my friends & our future after watching the "social" networks turn our great nation into criminal, self absorbed, socially dysfunctional, deviant junkies... I thought that was the governments job ;-)
Wow, a reference to "Whuffie"... I love your readers!