Internet is better at letting us be weird than helping us be normal.

The internet will suck you in, and you'll never escape.... ha, ha, ha, hahhhaaa!

Andrew Sullivan has posted a youtube of the old AT&T "You Will" ads about all the things AT&T would make possible through the Internet. I think these are the most emblematic advertisements of the era, defining the way that big companies totally missed the point of the Internet. They were like Thomas Edison declaring that the phone would bring opera to America's living rooms -- AT&T posited that the Internet would just amplify our normal, everyday lives, so you could "tuck your kid in from a phonebooth."

What they missed was that for all the normalcy that the Internet could enable, it would be much, much better at enabling deviance -- all the behaviors that were suppressed by society, or impossible to engage in given social constraints. Also Because There are no more good Hackers - Just Evil and Anyone can say anything on the Internet but that doesn't make it true or right

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