The "Person Of The Year" self absorb "megalomaniac" who needs constant self approval

You — Yes, You — you shallow, self absorb "megalomaniac" have listened to enough media to believe that you alone Are TIME's Person of the Year I remember how self absorbed & oblivious I was when I entered the internet age over a decade ago. As time progress I found myself not becoming "me" but becoming more of "them".

So when they say "YOU" are the "Person Of The Year", what they mean is THEY are. Because YOU have become "content" utilized for marketing and social change at their hands.

As humans we ALL beg for acceptance, individualism, recognition and self affirmation... general media knows clearly knows this and uses the internet to take advantage of every issue that makes "YOU" feel that you are "important". ( Condition know as NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder )

How to write context for new media articles (paid for by their sponsors ;-)

  • Yes - buying that dress shows you care about animals, buy it!
  • Yes - you look very smart in that suit, buy it!
  • Smart people buy this car, buy it!
  • Caring people donate here - donate now!
  • rep/dec vote this way based on this "stuff" so vote now based on this "stuff"
  • This "stuff" is better, throw out your old "stuff" and buy better....
  • People who care about the environment buy this stuff or vote this way - SO DO WHAT WE SAY or your a bad person!

Hey I could do this all day folks, bottom line is that the internet makes far less of "YOU" than you could ever imagine... you just become one of them.

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