Wired- "futurism has no future,"

Wired Issue 14.10The bubble-era vision of a utopian Internet is dented and dirty. Technophobic refuseniks are likely to carry out violent resistance, and they may have good reason: Out-of-control technology is a distinct risk.
The erosion of our future?
 The future of the Internet lies not with institutions but with individuals. The Net itself will recede into the background. If you're under 21, you likely don't care much about any supposed difference between virtual and actual, online and off.
Erosion of self
...only to have my paperback writing slow down as I began to spend uncontrollable amounts of time surfing and blogging. This experience is both grand and problematic. It reflects not two extremes but the slider-bar that is my everyday life.
...development doesn't surprise me. Frankly, I saw it coming.   Read full from - Bruce Sterling here