I'm a Mac vs P.C. Bill Gates - Hello ... Linux

Good T.V. Spot?

I think you need a MAC they are VERY pretty and soooo simple to use an APE could do it. So if your "artistic" with limited computer and software skills.... this is the system for YOU.

Did, I mention it's pretty.

I say you MUST us a Microsoft based computer is you want to play games, use 10,000's of free applications the business world runs on. Without our Microsoft tools you will be hard pressed to get any "real" work or gaming done.

Did, I mention your company can't run effectively without Microsoft tools.

I really don't care if you use the most stable platform that MAC's are based on and runs Microsoft tools "native". Hey, it's free, stable, runs anything and has millions of people for tech support free.

Did, I mention "no-viruses", no-malware and no "MAC a hacks".

Apple Patches 100's Security Flaws a year...

Microsoft Warns of Attacks on Unpatched Windows, IE and Office Flaws...

Ratio of IT pros that are aware of obvious "open" security threats 1 of 1000.

Ratio of preteen hackers that are aware of "open" security threats 1 of 10 (then they i.m. the rest :-o

I try to save $1000's on my systems as I invest the rest in viable security & performances "tweaks" and run Linux on the "day to day" work horses.