Big surprise that most generation-Y's blame their parents

Amazing "blame, blame" do nothing game...Wow they sound just like thier "parents" parents ;-)

An overwhelming number of young readers not only rejected being compared to the boomer generation, but also blamed boomers for the social conditions that gave rise to narcissism.

"The boomers screwed people my age royally," medstudgeek wrote in a post titled Why don't you read 'Generation Debt' for starters. "Everything costs too much ... housing, college, health insurance, etc. If you're 100K in debt you're going to play along with the corporate masters to pay off your loans ... and is this an accident? ... [Y]ou boomers polluted the environment, drove the country into debt (twice!), outsourced our jobs to India, and made all of us narcissistic with your 'self-esteem' movement, and now you're blaming the victim. Young people have Myspace pages? The horror."

....the reasons for Generation Y's narcissism are abundant:

Lets start with our families. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce. Thats a lot of broken homes and step children. What are you saying to your child when you divorce his or her mother because 'things aren't working out between us'? You're saying that you don't care about anyone's problems but your own, and you'll take the easiest way out if possible. ...
...I haven't even begun to talk about the social pecking order that's been created because of this, or the materialism that helps feed it. We didn't create the world we've lived in thus far, it was created for us by our parents. We 'don't care' because we don't have time too, we're busy living up to everyone else's expectations. We're 'narcissistic' because we have no one to go to for support; we only have the groups of other kids that we made ourselves.

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