Specially challenged narcissists

NPR: That “I am special” mantra has created a collegiate wave of narcissists

A little news spike this week greeted word of a study of self-absorption, or narcissism, among college students. It’s from San Diego State University researchers based on trends in scores on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory test. Alex Chadwick is emphatic that college kids are getting too full of themselves. She wrote the book (literally). She blames it on schools, media, and parents in that order. The old “self-esteem” mania of the 80s and 90s gets its knocks. Among other ways kids get the idea they are entitled to prominence, she says, is a preschool ditty whose main lyric is “I am special.” Hence, You Tube. …. Man, wonder how professional major league athletes would score on that inventory.

Other stories: AP David Crary; LA Times Larry Gordon, Louis Sahagun; (VIA ksjtracker.mit.edu)