The real NY-Times story of "Terry Tao"

I would have titled the "Terry Tao" NY - Times story...

 "Terry Tao" a normal "math genius" raised by smart father, Billy Tao

I think Billy's the really genius behind his families beautiful minds...
Dr. Billy Tao,"All along, we tend to emphasize the joy of learning," Billy Tao said. "The fun is doing something, not winning something."
Billy Tao knew the trajectories of child prodigies like Jay Luo, "I initially thought Terry would be just like one of them, to graduate as early as possible," he said. But after talking to experts on education for gifted children, he changed his mind.
"To get a degree at a young age, to be a record-breaker, means nothing," he said. "I had a pyramid model of knowledge, that is, a very broad base and then the pyramid can go higher. If you just very quickly move up like a column, then you're more likely to wobble at the top and then collapse."
"He probably was quietly learning these things from watching 'Sesame Street,' " said his father, Dr. Billy Tao, "We basically used 'Sesame Street' as a babysitter."
Pulled from private school... At age 5, he was enrolled in a public school, and his parents, administrators and teachers set up an individualized program for him. He proceeded through each subject at his own pace, quickly accelerating through several grades in math and science while remaining closer to his age group in other subjects. In English classes,"These very vague, undefined questions. I always liked situations where there were very clear rules of what to do."
The Taos had different challenges in raising their other two sons, although all three excelled in math. Trevor, two years younger than Terry, is autistic with top-level chess skills and the musical savant gift to play back on the piano a musical piece — even one played by an entire orchestra — after hearing it just once. He completed a Ph.D. in mathematics and now works for the Defense Science and Technology Organization in Australia.
The youngest, Nigel, told his father that he was "not another Terry," and his parents let him learn at his own pace.

Behind the mind is a family and father... Great job Dr. Billy Tao!

Original NY-Times story on "Terry Tao"